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Choosing a Custom Designed Flexible Shaft

While considering a custom designed Flexible Shaft, it is advisable to also look at our standard line of Ready-Flex® Flexible Shaft assemblies. These cover a wide range of applications and can be provided quickly-without the added engineering costs associated with custom designed products.

Of course, if your quantity requirements are large enough, it may be more economical to custom design a shaft for your unique needs.

S.S. White has the best custom shaft capabilities in the world. Our proprietary PERFLEXION® modeling software can provide the best combination of performance characteristics for your unique application. Our custom designed state of the art Flexible Shaft winding equipment allows us to precisely control many parameters of the design.

Using our Perflexion® Design Software and precision winding equipment, we can design a Flexible Shaft to vary any of the following parameters.

  • Special End
  • Weight
  • Non-Magnetic
  • Combinations Of
    Rotary And Axial


Please provide as much information about your application as possible on the form below, so our technical experts can choose the correct Flexible Shaft for your application. Please send the form electronically, or Fax it to (732) 752-8315. We will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

1. Description of Application - We have worked with thousands of applications over the years and are very familiar with the solutions that will work for many of them. By knowing as much as possible about the application, we can provide the best solution for you.

Please describe your application in detail:

2. Torque Loads - This tells us how strong a Flexible Shaft you will need. It will be factored in with bend radius, speed, duty cycle, etc., to determine the shaft design we will use. in-lb N-m
3. Bend Radius - This will tell us how flexible a shaft you will need in cm
4. Speed - This will be factored in with the torque loads and bend radius to determine the shaft design. RPM
5. Rotation : Uni-Direction or Bi-Direction - Does the shaft turn in only one direction of operation (uni-direction) or does it operate one way and then the other (bi-direction). This will significantly affect the shaft design. Uni- Directional

6. Direction of Operation - Will the shaft run clockwise or anti-clockwise as viewed from the driving end? This will determine the lay of the shaft. A Flexible Shaft is stronger in the direction that tightens the outer layer (TOL) of wires. Clockwise

7. Shaft Length - Precise shaft length is critical to performance. in cm
8. Duty Cycle - This is the proportion of expected "operation time" of the Flexible Shaft. It gives us an idea of what endurance life is required for the application. For example, you may need a shaft to run 10 minutes every hour for every day for the next 5 years or you may need it to run continuously for the next 5 years. These are very different Duty Cycles.
9. End Couplings - These mating ends will attach to the driving and driven elements of your system. We can supply a wide variety of End Couplings.
10. Quantity required - Quantity helps us determine the best course to take in creating a design. We will go a different path for 100,000 pieces versus 100 pieces.

11. Other Requirements - These are unique needs for your application.

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