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Top Fun Things

At S.S. White Technologies we never forget that work needs to be enjoyable and fun. Having a good time with your co-workers fosters good communication, keeps everyone loose, and allows creativity to flourish. Plus, if you are spending over 40 hours a week working you might as well enjoy what you do and the people you do it with. We treat our co-workers much like family.

S.S. White is great place to work. It is full of hard working, passionate people, who are dedicated to constantly improving the organization at every level. There are many reasons why people enjoy being part of S.S. White. Here are a few of the fun activities that took place in the last year that show the enthusiasm and energy we have for our company..

1. Our annual cruise: Each and every year, the President invites the entire company out on the S.S. White Annual Cruise - dinner, dancing, and a cruise up the Hudson River aboard the spectacular Cornucopia Princess Cruise Ship.

It is not just for select employees - every employee of the company is invited to join and bring a guest. We book the entire cruise ship (all three floors) for a cruise up the Hudson and the beautiful sky-line of New York City.
2. Halloween Costume Competition: We don't let many excuses for a celebration pass by and the annual Halloween Festivities can attest to that. Everyone is invited to participate in our Halloween party and get dressed up in their best and scariest costumes.
The picture shows some of the winners last year.

Last year we had a pumpkin-carving contest and a scariest scream competition. We all gather in the afternoon in our costumes (including our CEO) to vote on the best and scariest.
3. Annual Holiday Party: During the Christmas Holiday season, S.S. White looks forward to its Annual Holiday Party.

The whole company gathers for dinner at a local banquet hall where there are games and prizes and a lot of fun - maybe even a little singing.
4. Summer BBQ: Once summer comes along - there's always a party to be at - perhaps a 4th of July BBQ!

Every office employee was invited to the home of one of our executive managers - certianly atypical in today's corporate world.
5. Once a month fun night: Who needs a holiday to celebrate? We like to let loose with our co-workers once a month for night of fun and relaxation sponsored by the company.

Everyone is invited and the venue and activities are always changing. For the competitive members of S.S. White, there are always the ever popular Bowling Challenges!
6. Ugly Hawaiian Shirt Day: In summer months, every fourth Friday is Hawaiian Shirt Day.

A little hokey maybe, but there is something undeniably fun about wearing a Hawaiian shirt to work.
7. Annual Corporate Challenge Run: Can you beat our VP of Operations? In July, S.S. White takes part in the Annual Corporate Challenge Run sponsored by JP Morgan & Chase. This is a 3.5 mile run through the hills of Morristown, NJ followed by a post run celebration attended by all S.S. White runners and cheering section. Current champion to beat is our VP of Operations- but Shipping, Sales and QA have been training all year to depose the reigning champ.
8. Bring You Daughter/Son to Work Day: S.S. White also celebrates Bring You Daughter/Son to Work Day. This is a fabulous chance to bring your kids to work, show them what you do, and introduce them to the corporate world. Kids spend all day at work. Our senior managers explain the workings of the company through a series of tours and hands on examples. We also set up some "business fun" activities that let the children send faxes, play with the computer on our conference room big screens, and e-mail each other.
9. Open House: In September we had an Open House event for our employees and their families. This allowed the employees to showcase the facility to their family members, giving them a chance to show off a little about what we do here at S.S. White. On that day we conducted guided tours of the company, having displays and demonstrations in different departments, plus lots of food, games, prizes, and fun.
10. Take Me Out to the Ball Game: During the summer months the whole company gets together to take in a local minor league baseball game.

This year we had 92 participants for a Somerset Patriot game at Commerce Bank Ball Park. . Company buys tickets for you and your family. It was a great time for all.

While we have fun, we work very hard at remaining the worldwide leader in flexible shaft technology. As our mission statement says, we are most concerned with "delighting our customers"; and we will do whatever it takes to make that happen. We have a fast paced environment that is geared towards people with passion, initiative, drive, and creativity. We are also very team focused, valuing our ability to get more done as a group than we can individually. From these common traits comes mutual respect, which lies at the heart of our good times together.

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