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PERFLEXION ® is a proprietary computer modeling software based on the pioneering work of our Dr. Adam Black. It is a powerful tool that allows our design engineers to optimize the performance characteristics of a Flexible Shaft.

Flexible Shafts are a surprisingly complex product not easily modeled by simple calculations. For example, one of the most challenging aspects of designing a Flexible Shaft is balancing the opposing properties of bending flexibility and torsional deflection. Prior to the use of Perflexion it was nearly impossible to optimize one of these characteristics without compromising the other.

With Perflexion we can now fully model the behavior of all the wires within the shaft and arrive at a design that provides maximum bending flexibility while allowing minimal torsional deflection with 20% to 30% improvement above accepted industry standards.


Here are 2 examples:

Automobile Seat Adjuster Shaft

Bending Flexibility
100 x (1/lb.-in2)
Torsional Stiffness
Axial Stretch
Typical Industry Standard 64.5 159 41 .0006 .009
PERFLEXION designed replacement 83.3 127 70 .0003 .001
Percent Improvement 29% -20% 70% 50% 88%

Seat Adjuster Flexible Shafts operate bi-directionally requiring engineers to design their systems based on the weaker direction of rotation (LOL). We increased the torsional stiffness 70% in the LOL direction while allowing an insignificant decrease in the stronger direction of rotation (TOL). This is a major leap in performance for the industry.

Weed and Brush Cutter Shaft

Torsional Stiffness
Axial Stretch
Typical Industry Standard 3.1 1587 427 .0010 .0010
PERFLEXION designed replacement 3.2 2105 632 .0007 -.0004
Percent Improvement 3% 33% 48% 30% 60%

Weed and brush cutter shafts operate uni-directionally in the stronger direction of rotation ( TOL ). Our new design increases the torsional stiffness 33% in the TOL with a small (3%) increase in bending flexibility.