S.S. White® Technologies Inc.

S.S.White Quality

S.S. White not only fanatically adheres to the highest quality standards but routinely exceeds them. Our President takes special interest in the running of the quality lab since he himself started as an Inspector at S.S. White. Our Quality Department is staffed with several supervising quality engineers and many experienced inspectors who are trained to accept nothing less than perfect parts. Our Director of Quality runs it with a competitive zeal and a mind always toward the metrics. Why wouldn't she; our motto says it all: WE SET THE STANDARDS.

S.S. White's mature quality system has reached many milestones over the years. In 1997, we first achieved ISO9001 which is currently certified to the 2000 revision. We hold certification through Perry Johnson Registrars for AS9100 and QS9000. We've been audited by the FAA (without a single finding) and are compliant with FAR21 Subpart K. And to the delight of our medical customers, we are an audited FDA Certified Medical Device Facility.

We do all this with a company-wide quality system that combines the requirements of all these standards. Nearly all of our quality documentation is computerized enabling lightning fast approvals and quick access from anywhere in the building. Our system is e-mail driven; if a change made, a non-conformance found, any gauge falling out of calibration-interested parties know immediately.

Further, our system works because of training. We spend countless hours training and re-training our employees not only to understand our quality system, but to be unmatched in their knowledge of our products. For example, engineers spend weeks on the shop floor learning how to make our products before they'll spend a minute 'engineering'.

Our suppliers play a huge role in our quality efforts. We strive for flawless communication of requirements through accurate and thorough prints and purchase orders, timely feedback through nonconformance reports and scorecards, and our Supplier Quality Requirements Manual.

We also pride ourselves on our communication. At our monthly 'Town Hall' meeting with the entire company there's always a review of the Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost metrics for the month and a highlight of one of our top customers with a demonstration of their finished product. With customers, we offer an S.S. White newsletter, a thorough and informative website and the services of a company full of employees who know how to get you the answers you need.

We don't rest on our laurels at S.S. White; our immediate plans include certification to ISO14000 and upgrading to TS16949. We consistently drive continuous improvement as one of the most active kaizen departments in the company. We live by our S.S. White Quality Department mission and are eager to serve you.  

It is our department's mission to drive the company to world-class quality by

Promoting quality thinking & continuous improvement;
Focusing on the prevention of defects;
Adopting process-minded approaches;
And relentlessly drilling to the root cause of our problems;
We will do it right, the first time, on-time, every time.