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Tight Bend Radius


Located at the back of the engine, the Thrust Reverser of a pneumatic, hydraulic or electronic motor jet engine essentially closes the exhaust and diverts the thrust forward to stop the plane. In forward motion, the thrust comes in the intake and out the exhaust. In the stop motion, the thrust comes in the intake and since the exhaust is closed, the Thrust Reversers force the thrust to go back out the intake causing the plane to stop. There are four Flexible Shafts that synchronize and connect the actuators which open both halves of the thrust reverser. There are two other Flexible Shafts used in the Trans Cowl Lock which keep the Thrust Reverser Actuation System from deploying while in flight.


Automotive power seats require transmission of rotary motion from various motors to lead screws. The lead screws drive the movements of the seat up and down, forward and back, and recline. S.S. White Flexible Shafts provide a simple and reliable means of transmitting rotary motion through the tight turns and obstacles common in a seat track assembly. S.S. White also offers a variety of technical solutions designed specifically for the automotive seat track industry such as Fuzzy-Flex™, Quiet-Flex™, and Twist-Flex™.


The power sliding door system found in many of today’s minivans has been a great advance in the automotive industry. With a power remote, the power sliding door allows for complete entry without having to tug on the door at all. The S.S. White Flexible Shaft transmits rotary motion from a motor mounted in an out of the way location to a driving gear that moves the sliding door back and forth along a track.