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Unique Things about S.S. White

We have been in business a long time and have met with much success throughout our history. Along the way we have carved out our own niche in various areas making us a unique and interesting company.

Here are some of the unique things about S.S. White that make us stand apart.

Our Rich Heritage:

S.S. White is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the United States . We were founded in 1844. (This is not a typo- we have been in business for 160 years.)

We are featured in the book, " Middlesex County : Crossroads of History" as a manufacturing company with a unique and fabled history.

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2. Technological Leader:

We are known as a technological leader and innovator. We are the world leader in Flexible shaft technology, the inventor of Abrasive Jet Machining; and the leader in systems for removal of Orthopedic Implants through our Xtract-all brand of medical instruments. Through out our history we have been an innovator:
  • S.S. White was the first company to design a flexible shaft in 1874 for a high-speed cable engine used for drilling teeth.
  • In 1911 S.S. White was the first company to design a speedometer cable for Ford. Prior to this all speedometer cables were chain links.
  • We manufactured and designed the first shaft assembly to drive an aircraft tachometer in fighter planes for World War I.
  • S.S. White designed the first flexible shaft for automotive Power Seat Applications in 1960s
  • First to develop technology for Abrasive Jet Machining.
  • More recently, we were the first company to develop a Universal Intra-Medullary Nail extraction system for Orthopedic surgery.
3. Aircraft/Medical/Automotive Products:

Every Aircraft flying today, whether fixed wing or helicopter; commercial, military, or business; propeller or jet has at least one part on it manufactured by S.S. White. The only exceptions to this are Russian aircrafts. Our quality certifications include ISO-9000:2000, QS-9000, AS-9100, FAA and FDA approval.

Our bright work force:

When you come to work with us, you will be working with some of the brightest minds in New Jersey (ask them, they will not disagree) and you will not feel lonely.

Many of our managers are degreed Engineers, many with dvanced degrees (Masters and PhD) and MBAs- all with wonderful senses of humor.

The picture on the right shows some of the bright engineers at S.S. White.


Some of our bright engineers at S.S. White


We control our own destiny:

We are not run by a corporation: we are a privately held independent company. All owners are active officers in the company and owe their position to their hard work and grit, not to virtue of birth. Two of our partners started with the company just over 10 years ago, and a third partner was recently recruited from one of the top lean manufacturing companies in the United States .

6. A commitment to stay in New Jersey:

We have a plant in Tempe, Arizona and a plant in New Delhi , India - but the heart and soul of our operations are in Piscataway, NJ . We are not going anywhere. Other manufacturers are searching for cheaper geographical areas. We are committed to stay here. Our employees do not wonder whether we will be in NJ 10 years from now. We belong here and we are going to stay where we are.
7. We are not for sale:

This is one manufacturing company that is not for sale. A large corporation cannot come and gobble us up. We are proud to be us. Our identity and heritage are not for sale. When you help us grow, you will have the knowledge that we will be around for a long time and you will grow with us.
8. Stability:

Under the leadership of our President/CEO Rahul Shukla, this company has been profitable every single quarter of every single year for the last 17 years. We have doubled our sales in the last 7 years.
9. Cutting Edge on Management Principles:

Our Company is driven by PD (Policy Deployment), KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), Kaizen events. We review our own operation, survey our suppliers' performance, and analyze market trends. At S.S. White, we chart, monitor and measure everything . All our departments go through monthly audits for 5S compliance and a trophy is given to the highest scorer. We embrace Lean Manufacturing, 6 sigma and Pull Manufacturing. We are at the cutting edge when it comes to implementing modern management techniques.

Employee Participation:

Town Hall Meetings: All employees gather once a month in a Town Hall meeting where they get an update on every aspect of the business.

Birthday Club: Each month, employees with Birthdays in that month are invited to have Coffee and Cake with the HR Manager and the VP of Operations. You get their ear for 30 minutes- regardless of your rank. Talk about what ever you have on your mind.

On-Time Shipment Bingo: Each employee plays this game. If all shipments for a day are shipped on time, three bingo numbers are announced on our PA system. Each employee is given a bingo card. A winner gets a gift certificate to be used at a local store. Once a winner is declared, new cards are distributed. It is a fun way to bring awareness to our on-time shipment performance.

Our 'POPS' Appreciation Program:

We are a spontaneous company. When a technical team did a great job in designing a product for Chrysler Mini-van's power sliding door, we took all of them and their guests to a four-day all expenses-paid trip to Cancun, Mexico. Under our POPS (Providing Outstanding Performance & Service) program,any outstanding effort by an employee is rewarded instantaneously with a POPS badge and a crisp $ 100 bill.

Cancun Beach, Mexico


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